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Beautiful hand crafted sterling silver cylinder locket with either and Aqua Marine or Peridot crystal.  Beautiful handcrafted sterling silver diffuser lockets from Bali. Each opens to reveal a clay bisque specifically to hold your essential oils and a carefully chosen set of crystals specifically for the owner of the locket. The crystals aid the user in releasing the old that no longer serves them and elevating their vibration to allow more loving positive vibrations to flow in your daily life.

LG cylinder Aqua or Peridot swirl sterling

SKU: 671253175371
  • The user of the locket could choose one of 2 options.

    1. The user could share three to four present life challenges.

    2.  The user could submit a picture, allowing me to tap into their emotions.  I will then select crystals tailored to help them to overcome obstacles and foster a positive, loving state.  Alongside the personalized crystals, a detailed list will note each crystal and what each crystal will be assist with for the user.

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