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Ken Bentley

Every one of us, at one time or another has had a desire to know what the future holds for them. Will I meet my soul mate? Which job should I take? Is there something that I should be doing different? We all have questions.

As a teenager I found that I just knew some things. I always thought that it was
natural, I never thought of myself as different in any way. As I matured into
adulthood I started to realize that it was more than just knowing. I began to hear
guidance from Archangel Michael and Archangel Rafael and my own special guide.

The various manners in which I receive information is by clairaudience, I hear the
guidance that my Angels are providing, clairvoyant I see visions within my third
eye and clairtangency I get information when I touch objects or when I hold the
hand and connect with the energy of an individual with whom I am doing a
reading for.

The information that is conveyed to me is the information that your own guides
and angels have been trying to get through to you. The manner in which I
receive the information is almost like looking a book with pictures and words. I
can turn the pages to see the future or flip the pages backward to see the past.
Where the book starts is where your guides and Angels want me to begin.
Through the years I have been able to perfect my understanding of this
wonderful gift that has been bestowed upon me. But my passions do not stop

I am a REIKI Master
I am a Minister and perform weddings
I do House Clearings
I do paranormal investigations
I am a natural healer

I also teach others how to hone in on their own special gifts, helping them to gain
confidence in themselves as well as understanding what skills they actually have.

Last but not lease I also do psychic parties, they can be fun for birthdays, bachelor
and bachelorette parties or just a gathering of friends and family.

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Deborah Bentley

Our vibration affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us.  

The messages that I receive are about how we are all ONE and how we should not view ourselves, or others as different. One way to help us to see this is by raising our vibrations. This is how it was explained to me from my guides.   

“Tend to your vibrational garden from within, so your highest vibration may blossom into oneness with all. It is in this oneness, that peace and harmony resides”

My guides and Angles have guided me with the creation of each essential oil blend that I have created and how to use the crystals to aid in raising your vibration. My guides like to define this blended vibration as below.

“The crystals themselves are quite powerful for the one who is allowing the energy to align from within. The oils are a gentile way of releasing what does not serve you. When the two are combined you are freeing yourself from that which is not serving your highest good and allowing sources highest vibration to align within your being, creating a harmonious balance of loving positive energy.

Allowing this energy to grow and blossom assists the wearer to move harmoniously throughout their daily lives. When love and lights vibration flows peacefully within, it is allowed to shine light for others as well, if those beings choose to feel the lights vibration.

This, my dear one, is the meaning of what you are trying to accomplish here. To share a loving light filled vibration with others, thus allowing a harmonious existence between all. Yes we can all get along if we so choose, but it is in the choosing.”  

I also perform energy work on all the essential oil blends that I have been guided to create, thus providing the user with whatever particular energy that they are presently requiring.

I also do what is referred to as automatic writing. It is in these writings that I receive messages that are spiritually enlightening far beyond anything I myself could possibly have contemplated by myself.
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