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As an empath and REIKI master, I've honed my intuition over time, allowing me to understand the emotions of others.  With that, my goal is to help you to be in a loving, positive, high vibrational state of mind.  I have been guided to create numerous essential oil blends, which I also combine with the unique vibrations of crystals to help create a heightened state of positive loving conciseness.

In my own journeys, I've encountered discomforts in many forms, however, with each challenge, I've learned an invaluable solution that has aided me in my darkest moments. These solutions were gifts, not only to heal myself but to also helps to heal others who negotiate similar moments of uncertainty and despair.  The path to healing is more profound when we walk hand in hand than when you try to do it in solitude.

I am here to walk hand in hand with you through these moments of uncertainty!

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My Story

My vison is to help the so many individuals who are lost.   I was there once, so I understand it a lot more that you realize.   I have survived cancer, and far too many bad relationships. I am an empath, that has learned overtime to understand the guidance that I have been given, to not only help me but also to help so many that need it as well. 


I have come to realize that over time I have dealt with some uncomfortable moments of uncertainty and feelings of despair.    Throughout that I have been guided to solutions that helped me to overcome the dis-comfort, so that I could pass that information to help others.   I am a REIKI master, so I incorporate that loving energy in everything I do.   I work with essential oils and crystals and combine them in a locket that you could wear on a day-to-day basis.   When your energy or vibration is raised you create a beautiful bubble of loving energy and protection around you.   With that energy you also help to raise the vibration of those around you as well.  How you ask? Because energy is contagions! so let’s share loving energy and rise above the negative energies that are around us every day.  I will also share the many helpful tools that I have learned overtime to help me in my moments of uncertainty.   

Cross Pathways Healing

Many Blessings to all!

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