Reiki Energy Work

Reiki Energy Work

The Five Reiki Principles
Just for today, do not worry. 
Just for today, do not anger. 
Practice gratitude. 
Earn your living honestly. 
Be kind to every living thing.
      -Dr. Mikao Usui
What is REIKI

All living things are infused with a life force or vibration: plants, animals, trees, flowers, and people. Some people may refer to the energy as Ki Chi or Prana.  But the best way to understand it, is a vibrational energy flowing within and throughout your metaphysical body.  It energizes your cells from the moment of birth until the time you leave this physical plane.  When the vibration of energy flows freely from within your being, you experience health, balance and wellbeing.  That is because you are in balance, totally aligned with your highest self. But when drama and dis-ease come into play you become blocked, stopping that wonderful energy from flowing freely from within. These blockages may be things of a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental nature causing dis-ease blocking that beautiful vibration you once had.

A Reiki healing is done by touch or no touch. As the Reiki vibration flows freely throughout the body, Reiki moves directly to the source of imbalance or dis-ease,working on releasing negativity and allowing your vibration to flow freely once again.  As these blockages are removed, your physical, spiritual, emotional and metal well being comes back to balance thus raising your vibration.  Reiki healing assist in bringing you
back to a state of harmony and balance.


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