Creating Peace and Harmony from Within


Welcome to Cross Pathways Healing! Ken and Deborah Bentley have been attuned to many different healing modalities and have learned over the years to incorporate natural energy work with the use of crystals and essential oils for healing many Dis-Eases such as mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Energy is contagious, when one raises their vibration you are actually sharing that higher vibration with others, which in turn raises their vibration above that of drama and depression. By allowing your vibration or energy to grow and blossom we can move harmoniously throughout our lives. When love and light vibrations flowing peacefully within, they shine light for others as well. Please feel free to contact us: Ken Bentley at or Deborah Bentley at


Essential Oils & Lockets

Aroma Wear combining essential oils and specific crystal combinations to assist the user to release dis-ease and raise your vibration on a day to day basis.

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Psychic Readings/Minister

Personal Psychic readings for those who would like assistance in life choices, wedding ceremonies tailored to your needs and house clearings for unwanted spirits

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Energy Work

Reki energy work for those who need to remove dis-ease from your mental physical spiritual and emotional well being while also helping to align your chakras .

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